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Motor Controllers


Motion Control

Welcome to Ion Motion Control. We offer a wide range of motor controller solutions from our programmable systems to entry level.

Motor controller setup is easy using our free software Ion Motion. Instantly auto-tune any supported encoder and motor combination. Plug and play PID tuning. No more spending hours and no prior experience required.

We offer unparalleled technical support. No matter how simple or complex the question, we are ready to provide the support you need to get your project up and running.

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  • Motor Controllers

    We offer a motor controller solution to fit any need. With our multi-mode interface you can control motors from CAN, serial devices, analog, R/C radios, and or microcontrollers such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

  • Programmable Motor Controllers

    Fully programmable motion control with our easy to use BASIC like language. Leveraging our over 25 years of experience in writing compilers. The MCP line of motor controllers are robust, easy to learn and with a full CAN implementation, integration is seamless.

  • Wide Range of Supported Encoders

    Sensors such as potentiometers, absolute and quadrature encoders are supported. Close loop functionality creates absolute control over speed, velocity and direction required for modern day robotic applications.

  • Configuration Software

    Ion Motion's free software makes configuration a snap. Built in auto-tuning requires no prior knowledge of PID systems to configure any quadrature encoder and motor combination