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  Motor Controller Technologies  
  At Ion Motion Control we have developed many proprietary technologies incorporated in our motor controllers. These key technologies guarantee reliable and safe operation in the most harsh environments. All of our products are built with wide margins and are not rated to their maximum possible operating condition ensuring trouble free operation. All of our motor controllers are back with a no questions asked warranty policy.  
    1. We use high grade industrial temperature rated capacitors with at least two times the rated ripple current required to ensure stable and reliable operation.   2. Heat rises. Taking advantage of this simple fact, we utilize a top mounted MOSFET topology with aircraft grade 6061 anodized heat sink. This combination of heat sink and MOSFET topology guarantees adequate cooling in most all environments.    
    3. We utilize processor architecture with robust hardware. Quadrature decoding is off loaded from the main program loop and handled in hardware which allows it to run in the background. Allowing RoboClaw to process up to 19.6 million pulses without missing a single pulse.   4. Supported interfaces such as analog, TTL Serial, USB, R/C, PWM and more give RoboClaw the flexibility to be paired with almost any control system. In addition RoboClaw can automatically react to limit switches and several other input sensors.    
    5. USB interface provides a convenient way to configure RoboClaw using Ion Motion software. The USB interface can also be used to control RoboClaw for rapid integration into your next product or project.
  6. External control buttons provide an easy way to configure RoboClaw in environments where a PC is not easily accessible. All modes are configurable by the on board button interface.    
    7. Built in switching regulator provides stable and reliable 5VDC to power you projects from any battery input voltage up to the maximum rated for the model of motor controller. The built in BEC can be used to power interface systems such as an Arduino or R/C receiver.   8. High quality shielded screw terminals protect from shorts or wires slipping off. The screw terminals work well with an assortment of wire ends including bare wire.